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Refinement Procedures


neck lift refinement procedure before surgery
Neck Lift (Before)
results of neck lift refinement procedure
Neck Lift (After)

Mild yet troublesome asymmetry is not infrequent after recovery from complete facial paralysis or following major reconstructive surgery. Refinement procedures provide the opportunity to further enhance an individual's form and function. Face, neck and brow lift procedures can be utilized to improve facial balance and aesthetics camouflaging the effects of facial paralysis. 

mid face lift refinement procedure, before surgery
Mid-face Lift (Before)
mid face lift refinement procedure, after surgery
Mid-face Lift (After)

Re-suspension of a drooping paralyzed cheek utilizing mid-face lift techniques can have a significant effect on recreating a normal facial contour.

Stretched, down turned lips can often be rejuvenated utilizing a peri-oral muscle advancement procedure. During this procedure excess skin is removed while functioning muscle is advanced from the active side to improve lip tone, function and symmetry. 

Mid-face lift and lip advancement procedures can also be utilized to re-establish resting facial symmetry prior to reanimation surgery. Facial balance and motion can also be enhanced by lifting and shortening weak, stretched out facial muscles or removing hyperactive muscles from the functioning side (myectomy)

Botox can also be utilized to reduce muscle spasm, unwanted facial motion (synkinesis) and temporarily weaken the overactive side of the face to improve symmetry. Many refinement procedures are performed as day surgeries and recovery times are usually rapid. Despite their less invasive nature refinement procedures frequently offer the individual an opportunity to maximize their form, function and recovery.