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Brow Symmetry - How We Can Help

Descent of the paralyzed brow produces both functional and aesthetic concerns.  In addition to the loss of active and resting facial symmetry and impaired facial expression the downward migration of the brow can obstruct vision.

Brow Before

Direct Brow lift Before

Brow After

Direct Brow lift After

Brow position is frequently corrected utilizing a series of eyebrow surgery or lifting techniques such as Brow lift.  The techniques have been adapted from cosmetic surgery and help reposition the drooping brow while camouflaging the incision in the scalp hair, forehead skin creases or the eyebrow itself.

Cross face nerve graftIn select cases, active muscle motion can be achieved by importing functioning nerve fibers from the opposite brow utilizing long nerve grafts  (cross-face-nerve graft).  Alternately brow muscle can be redirected from the opposite side (frontalis muscle transfer) or functioning muscle can be imported in the form of a small free muscle flap.